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The line by the hotdog or hamburger stand. Mutt of barbecue and queue.
Man 1: Dude, are you hungry?
Man 2: I'm starved -- and it's only the second inning
Man 1: I'm gonna go get a hot dog
Man 2: But the line's really long now
Man 1: Dude, if I don't go now, I'll be in that barbequeue FOREVER
Man 2: Good point. Here's $50. Get me a Coke, garlic fries and some seeds while you're at it
Man 1: Fine, but I'm keeping the change
by Matt |2 April 24, 2006
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The line that forms at an extremely delicious BBQ joint due to high demand for bold flavors.
We arrive at Oklahoma Joe's to find that the Bar Be Queue was out the damn door! Totally worth the wait, though we should have called it in.
by Spencer Bergs November 15, 2011
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