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Barbage is two words combined (Bar Garbage). Barbage would be the usual suspects from scuzin bars you frequent (if any). These are people who lack the abilities to function in reality with a party to go.
Lindsay Lohan, Etc:

(Who invited the barbage to the party?!?)
by Westside Arab August 03, 2010
7 1
Trashy, Nasty, Janky
Dang Leroy, you look like Barbage
by The Baron Von Leroy June 29, 2008
5 5
The empties that you throw away on the sly so that your wife/girlfriend doesn't figure out how much of a drunk you really are.
I took out the barbage at 5 AM so the Mrs. didn't figure out how weak minded I got last night.
by mikepbgfl June 05, 2009
2 4