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When banter reaches a whole new level. A conversation that consists of constant funniness and full of banter and laughter.
People can not join in with the banter if they were not present at the start of the conversation as they would not be able to kept up with the bantelope.
if two people walk in, during a bantelope:
"Do you understand what's happening?"
"No. It's a full speed bantelope!"

Could say: "That conversation was really good banter" OR "The conversation was such a bantelope"
by known?no August 30, 2011
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A man/woman who has banter with at least 3 other members of a group creating a watering-hole of banter. Other people can join the group and offer banter and become Bantelopes.
'Come join the watering hole and become a Bantelope!'


'Fucking hell, here he comes! Another Bantelope for the watering-hole!'
by Dr Ram September 19, 2014

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