fat baby ankles
Damm, that baby got fat bankles!!!
by catsreadsmagazines November 02, 2010
Top Definition
Boobs that sag all the way down to your ankles.
Dude, that chick has bankles!
by Patrick Murphy September 07, 2005
gross negligence of ones own body where the person seems to have no clear definition between their butt and ankles.
Schenone: DAMN!
Brown: Dude, Wow!
Schenone: those are crazy cankles.
Brown. thats way past cankles dude. easily Thankles
Schenone: Bankles?
the equivalent to big ass ankles
Daaamn! That girl ankles look like calf extensions. She got bankles!
by nu nu November 07, 2007
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