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Scots slang.
1. kicked a gentleman in the groin.
2. of a gentleman, to be kicked in the groin.
Smeaton said, "We were laying into him, when some guy came by and banjoed him."
by Observer 52 September 10, 2007
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When something breaks to the point of no return. No fixing will ever get it back working.
Helena banjo'ed her car the other day, who let her on the roads shes a menace! Wouldnt mind looking in her box though
by AGnumbnuts November 24, 2011
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(adj) The resultant state of mind from overindulgence in an intoxicating substance.

Origin: Scally Crew Wisbech. Due to their spread thoughout the united kingdom (usually though dodging the law) The word has also spread
Kev, I am so fucking banjoed.
by Wizzer Kev April 24, 2004
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where a higher skilled established person is beated by a lower skilled ruffian. This results in lowering of social status of skilled player.
That guy got banjoed
I dont want to be banjoed run the risk of being banjoed
by Barry Hand April 30, 2004
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