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This is a traditional Bulgarian pastry which we buy and consume as breakfast or bake it on some holidays. It's realy good and is most commonly filled with cheese and is really greasy but who cares.. it's delicious!!! Our grannies love to bake banitsa :) You should really try one!

It's pronounced BAH-nit-sa :)
-Wanna get a hamburger, mate?
-Nah, I'm more of a banitsa person.
by Danyaru June 18, 2009
The greatest motherfucking thing ever.Goes great with boza.Made from flour and cheese and magic, banitsa is the food that Bulgarians eat for breakfast.And as we know bulgarians can't be wrong.
I ate a banitsa and my dick grew an inch.
I'd like a banitsa and boza, please.
If I had to eat one last thing before I die,it would be a banitza.
by BULGARBEAST July 08, 2011

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