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+ Formerly referred to as someone's "BOO", the bangaboo will agree to continue seeing that same someone solely for sexual purposes.
- The bangaboo often desires something more, and will frequently make attempts to regain "BOO" status, while the other party struggles to acknowledge their existence beyond the occassional bedroom rendezvous.
- While helping to ensure they maintain pride amongst their peers, the bangaboo does not disclose this newly acquired status to his or her friends or family.
Jake: "Yo Miles, you and Michelle still doing well?"
Miles: "Nah we broke up, but she's still hangin' around as my bangaboo."
Natasha: "Baby, just 'cuz we're not exclusive anymore doesn't mean we can't hook up!?"
DeSean: "I'll be your bangaboo."
by Scarlos March 15, 2012

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