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to have sex with a filthy slut then kick her out of your van, push her in a lake, or lock her in a public area, and steal her clothes, then drive off laughing
birdman: what were u doin wit that slutty hooker?
lil wayne: dont worry pops i was just pullin a bang-bro
by jliasb July 22, 2009
26 26
My heroes. God bless them!
I wanna get hooked up with a bangbros t-shirt so I can extol their greatness!
by dukeofheat May 10, 2006
517 93
a porn website with the fattest asses and biggest breasts ever.
"Dude I just wacked off to a video off bangbros"
by Infam0us April 10, 2006
492 96
a group of horny assholes who's goal in life is to take advantage of, and fuck as many girls as possible. probably will have std's, if they don't already. also very cocky and conceited, especially for not even being very attractive.

also a porn site featuring amateur porn.

a manwhore

a guy who will go after anything with a pussy

bang bro 1 "dude, im gonna tap that"
bang bro 2 "oh, hell yea, i want that shit too"
bang bro 1 "im down for a double team"
bang bro 2 "oo f'sho."
bang bro 1 "i love being the bang bros"
by jpmorgan February 05, 2009
80 49
When you have banged a girl and another guy has banged her too. you both are each other bang bros.
guy1:ay did you fuck her last night?
guy2: yeah how about you
guy1: hell yeah were bang bros now

by GetItOn October 21, 2009
40 29
what you would say when your friend is masturbating to and you kick the door down to catch him red handed.
A while back I caught Donny whacking off to and when I kicked down the door I yelled "BANG! BRO" while spraying him with a super soaker. He got up and chased me but fell on his face and broke his penis because his pants was down his ankles.
by yourbelovedbrotha December 25, 2009
5 9