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to have sex with a filthy slut then kick her out of your van, push her in a lake, or lock her in a public area, and steal her clothes, then drive off laughing
birdman: what were u doin wit that slutty hooker?
lil wayne: dont worry pops i was just pullin a bang-bro
by jliasb July 22, 2009
When you take a slutty girl to a certain convient store, jerk off into her face, then pull a bang-bro (push her out of the car and speed off)
J-money: yo dawg im exhausted
Blazin Hazen: why niggat?
J-money: I just pulled a kum and go on that slut thats been blowin up my cellular device
Blazin Hazen: fo'real? u even pulled a bang-bro?
J-money: you know it!
by jliasb July 22, 2009

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