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A bandwidth thug is also known as a leecher.
A bandwidth thug is a person who can often be found on Internet forums. His intentions of being on a forum is not to network, find information, share files and make friends but to gain easy access to multimedia files without having to make any contributions. He will show no gratitude for the files he downloads freely and bandwidth thugs will often steal a multimedia file link and post it on their own site or forum and pretend it was uploaded by themselves.

Example:A forum that shares DVD's.There are about 1000 members.
They created a private place where when you upload 1 DVD a week as gratitude for the 100 or more DVD's you get access to every month.
Most of those members upload files to a free storage site that has about 100 gigabytes of bandwidth.So a DVD that is ripped is about 600 to 1400 mb.So about a 100 people can download the movie.And if that's not enough the person can always upload the file to a file storage site again.The bandwidth thug does not contribute but with only steal the bandwidth.
Usually not even 1 or 2 people can download the file because the bandwidth thugs post his links on warez sites that have about 10.000 visitors a day and files that were ment to be shared on your forum are dead within a hour.
Bye bye,leaving your computer on all night to upload a file.Bandwidth stolen by a thief.A bandwidth Thug.
by Bandwidth Thug Hunter April 26, 2006
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A leecher. Someone who always takes.
A bandwidth thug is someone who leeches on forums and torrents and sometimes even steals links and post it on websites as if it is theirs.
by Alexander187 February 28, 2007

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