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when two bands love each other and actively attend each others gigs, gratuitous ego stroking may also occur.
member of 1st band: "you guys TOTALLY ROCKED TONIGHT!!!"
member of 2nd band: "yeah but you guys TOTALLY ROCKED OUT last night"
member of 1st band: "YEY!! BLOWKENS ALL ROUND!!"
member of 2nd band: "dont forget to cup the balls!"
member of 1st band: "total bandmance brus"
by greenmitsi83 December 30, 2010
a relationship that develops on a band trip that usually lasts about a week and leaves one party in deep regret
It's a good thing that Brad's relationship with that one girl was just a bandmance she was the biggest whore in school!
by intrnashonalsuperstud October 03, 2009
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