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A strange fruit, a demonically tasty mix of a banana and a mango. Accidentally discovered in 1984 by an african who was playing god while seeing what would happen if he forced two fruits or vegetable seeds together to form what is now known as a SUPERFRUIT or SUPERVEGGIE or SUPERFREGGIE!
A: "hey! Whats that you've got?"
B: "A banango"
A: "Gimme some"
B: "Okay, but I'm warning you, its seriously awsome sauce"
A: *tastes banango* "ZOMG! I'm an eager beaver for banango!!"
by (pig latin) Goober January 27, 2008
any sort of mixture of banana and mango
by lilcan45 December 02, 2010
A banana mango
I just invented a banango
by DJ SK July 02, 2003