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One of the bundled software programs for the Banana Junior 6000 Self-portable Personal Computer as featured in the comic strip Bloom County.

Also known for being the most fun to spell word in the english language. Try it. Just start writing it out with a pen or pencil. Seriously.
Gene Simmons never had a computer as a kid. (insert tongue photo here) The Banana Jr 6000, buy one before it's too late. Comes bundled with Bananawrite, Bananafile, Bananadraw, and Bananamanager!

Gene's mother wishes she had.
by Thumbcat July 13, 2006

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1.Someone who jacks off too much.

2.Females that give hand jobs for money.

3.A woman that has her man whipped.
1. "Dude that guy is such a banana manager"
by twat woddlers January 18, 2010