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Asian guy who hates his own race, his family, his culture, and especially himself.

He yearns for surgical treatments to change his eyelid shape, and uses dyes to change his skin and hair coloration. Blue eyed pupils and natural blond hair are widely desired, but futile in effort (Dr Mengele experimented with changing pupil coloration by injecting ink with fatal results).

His greatest dream is complete genetic modifcation, cleansing himself of his hereditary curse so that he may produce more children embracing wonderous western customs.

Note that the banana (preferred over the less macho Twinkie), would never touch or own anything Asian. For it he had control of his well-earned money (his family would often shake every cent out of him before he can spend it), he would buy domestic products: American made Hummer H1, Ford/Dodge/Chevy trucks (preferably Cummins/Duramax Diesel engine), and order rectangular pizza over the phone, with the sauces and toppings arranged in a way that it resembles the American flag.
Chang Tan - Western enthusiast, and a figure of anti-Asian traditions.
by Chang Tan July 10, 2005
53 50
An asian person who acts like they are white. Yellow on the outside, white on the inside.
Quang doesn't know what Dim Sum is? man that guy's a Banana.
by Troy February 19, 2003
3394 896
Its a fucking fruit for god sake. Who the fuck DOESN'T know what a banana is?! FUCK! A STARVING KID IN AFRICA KNOWS WHAT A BANANA IS! HE FUCKING FANTASIZES ABOUT ONE EVERY DAY!
'Know what a banana is?'

'Of course i know what a fucking banana is you stupid fuck'
by legano June 22, 2008
2819 576
A yellow fruit that is known to dance and sing about peanutbutter and jelly.
"It's peanutbutter jelly time!"
by Baha October 01, 2004
2487 676
According to Gwen Stefani, bananas is what "this shit" is. Soon thereafter she informs us how to spell bananas.

Addicting? Yes.
Retarted? Perhaps.
Genius? Absolutely.
Orange County Spelling Bee:

Bee Man: Ms. Stefani, please give a definition and then spell "Bananas."

GS: This shit is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

Bee Man: Genius. Pure Genius. Give her the 1st place trophy right away. Ms. Stefani, you are the bananas.
by Andro0z13 April 07, 2005
1247 334
1. A big curved fruit that is yellow.
2. Can be used as a dildo for a girl who is too cheap or shy to buy a REAL dildo. A banana works just as well.
Amy used a banana to masturbate because she doesn't have a dildo. After she was done she put it back on the table. A few hours later her dad came home and ate the banana saying "Wow! this banana tastes good!"
by willlyyy September 21, 2005
1562 755
it's a fuckin' FRUIT
"If you don't know what bananas are, you're retarded."
by crazy corey May 31, 2005
962 367
A type of fruit.
I like to put bananas in my mouth.
by Brandon December 14, 2003
1000 430