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Another slang term for analsex. You basically fuck a girl
up the ass so good, and so hard, she"s left feeling like it was just put through a meat grinder.

you must have a curved dick for this to be authentic.
"Q" complained her ass felt crunched after we just got
doing the banana buttcrunch for 30 minutes straight.
by GUSTAAVIK June 07, 2006
another slang term for anal sex. You basically

fuck her up the ass, so good and so hard, she feels

like its been through a grinder.
Q complained her ass felt like it was put through a

grinder after we did the banana buttcrunch for half an

hour straight.
by Foroyaar May 25, 2006
Inserting a banana long-ways between your ass cheeks and squeezing as tightly as possible. The only successful banana buttcrunch is one that caused the inner banana to launch out the side of the peel.
OH shit son, how are you so good at doing a banana buttcrunch!?
by TTTHeeeh Juggernaut May 31, 2006
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