a term originated from Wash. DC/ MD used as slang for one who cannot dress, that doesn't keep up with trends or looks silly in his own. ALSO. one who does something silly/foolish without thinking.
"you did that? you a bammed out cuz!"

"you a bamma for doin that shit!"

"son this niggas a bamma! how the fuck u goin wear some sandals with slim fitted jeans?
by charlei May 17, 2009
D.C. slang for someone who is fony, fake,looserish, or a punk
by Carlos May 01, 2003
Also can be used in general conversations instead of using He or She or They.
Them bammas be lunching around Clifton terrace. That bamma was carrying the %#%$# out them $%#$# at Love last night.
by Ron John bored at work September 18, 2007
A guy who does whatever a chick wants, or gives her whatever she wants in exchange for a mediocre or sorry ass excuse of a relationship. In which case he's possibly being played.
That guy Ken is a real BAMMA man! He gave $500 to this chick and she spent it all on me!
by Skool_Boy510 October 17, 2010
Someone that gets on your nerves, or does something stupid. Could also be used for a person that does silly things for a laugh.
Girl that boy over there is such a bamma with his play out jokes.
by Harlie December 30, 2002
a tiny, red foosball (used in-play)
#1- Pass me the bamma. #2- Put that bamma in their goal.
by hedgehog44 December 04, 2008
A person who is not matching.
"He wearing five different colors that dont match, hez a Bamma!
by Tasha March 11, 2004

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