-A Professional Skater who lives in a castle in the outskirts of westchester, PA.
-A Guy in his 20's that has a "don't give a fuck" attitude and does, basically, "whatever the fuck he wants," and MTV pays for the majority of it, i.e. his cars, etc.
-Sold out to MTV after Jackass (the tv series) finished and Viva La Bam began, leaving him with Thousands of 9-30 year old girls wanting to bear his children.
-Made element the most popular Skate Company around.
-Takes up all the glory as a skater leaving his team mates (Mike V., J Wray, Tosh T, etc) in the dust.

- All in all, he's a good skater, he just needs to lose his big head and keep to skating & lose this business he has with MTV.
Ex. of his popularity: Elementality. Most of his skate clips are mediocre things from Viva la Bam or shots we've already seen, and clips of him in his car rocking out to Sailorman.
Bam Margera.
My example sucks but whatever.
by Kay. August 14, 2006
Top Definition
he turned his whole house into a skate park.
what more can i say?
by lewis May 07, 2004
a.k.a. Brandon C. Margera
1. Pro Skater
2. Founder of the CKY movies
3. Jackass Star
4. Producer, Co-Writer and Editor of "HAGGARD" the Movie
5. Friend Of Ryan Dunn, Raab Himself, Brandon Dicamillo, Rake Yohn, Brother to Jess Margera and Son to April and Phil margera
6. All Round Hottie
check out pics at yahoo groups world_of_bam_margera

"Look at phils Fat Tummy"
by Molly_Moo January 08, 2004
Skater who enjoys filming random haggard stuff with his friends Ryan Dunn, Brandon DiCamillo, Rake Yohn, Raab Himself, Art Webb 1986, Hoofbite' and Tony Hawk. He particularly enjoys beating on his parents, Phil and April(Ape).
Bam Margera traded in his Ferrari for a Mercedes S55 AMG.
by EJL December 12, 2003
The Biggest sell-out in the skate boarding industry. Steals ideas and logos from bands. Stars in a scripted show, where he pays his parents to act suprised while he does unnecessary actions. Spokes person for deodorant (with powerstripe). Eats shit, and rides on the name of his brothers band (CKY), and flaunts the logo for HIM.
All the little wiener kids at skateparks who stand at the bottom of ramps, wear pink Bam shirts. I hate that guy. His moles make me want to puke. I hope he cuts his own dick off when he falls on his giant gay belt buckle. I blame him for the fall of skate boarding.
by Dickie Roberts August 01, 2005
First of all, Bam is not the "best skater on the face of the earth". He's only popular because of Jackass and Viva La Bam. People who this he is "God" are stupid because he's just another skater. HE did not start CKY, and most "skater" girls and posers only like CKY and HIM because Bam listens to it.
Fan Of CKY and HIM because of Bam: man i love CKY and HIM! theyre so awesome!
Real Fan: man u just like them cause of Bam!
F.O.C.A.H. b/c of Bam: NO! I totally listend to them before he was popular!
Real Fa: so where are they from?
F.O.C.A.H. b/c of Bam: PHILLY! (or PA)
REal Fan: europe, idiot.
by molly September 02, 2004
1. MTV's bitch.
2. Mamma's boy.
3. Decent skater.
What will he do next?
Bam Margera: Whatever the fuck MTV tells me.
by imaloser November 17, 2006
Minging ass lover who loves to brag about how much money he has, even though his dumb ass is going to burn through it all within 5 years.
Has a whore social climbing piece of ass named jenrrivell.
Its going to be fun to watch bam margera's life become a train wreck
by Shine May 07, 2004

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