The one and only ballzach. A graffiti slap tag seen around honolulu. It's a drawing of a fucked up face. Apparently the person who writes this is gay and likes dick up his ass.
"Hey dude, look! Its the Ballzach." (Pointing at street sign)
"Did you hear? Ballzach is gay."
by hockeypuckfuck February 15, 2010
Top Definition
Name of a person who is often cocky and still yet a douche bag. Ballzach's have spitting problems and usually drool when laughing so hard.
"Yo did you see ballzach drool after he took a dump on that kids car"
by David Bernard November 16, 2008
a complete faggot named zach with anger problems who copies one of their cool friends, style, jokes, hair, etc. because they have no personality or nothing good going for them, a ballzach gets so angry over stupid jokes that he may develop high blood pressure or even cut your palm.
Zach Fischer is such a ballzach. i make one joke and the faggot flips out, we should circumsize that faggot, his mildly attractive girlfriend has been choosing my dick over his because i'm circumsized.
by goochmaster tweeze June 06, 2011
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