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A term used to describe the most ultimate form of trust that a man can ever bestow on another man.
Balltrust takes place when a guy trusts another guy SO MUCH that, if it came down to it, he would trust this man with his own testicles. This form of trust is very rare because a man is never as vulnerable as when his nuts are on the line.
1. (verb) Jake: Aww, did you leave that last beer for me?
Pip: Yep. I saw your classic signature on the side.
Jake: Thanks man! I f***in' BALLTRUST you! :)

2. (verb) Jake (after walking in on Pip bangin' Jake's girlfriend): But, dude! I BALLTRUSTED you!

3. (noun) Billy: You thought Pip was just helping her with homework?
Jake: Yeah.
Billy: Dude. That's a massive amount of BALLTRUST!
by JBrenneman June 10, 2010

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