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A Ballstein has many faces. Often an annoying, possibly of jewish decent client who has a disconnect from procedure of the task at hand. A Ballstein will likely pester the contractor with mundane and irrelevant commentary and theoretic solutions to complete the task.
"Leave me alone and let me work, Ballstein! BALLLSTEEEEEIN!" *shakes fist in air*
by decompyler May 24, 2012
a cohenial word usually used as an exclamation or a renoucement of a preceding subject. The world comes easily off the tounge to provide a quick diss or example of dissaproval. Derived from ancient Polish Rabbi's in the 15th century, even though Poland didnt exist.
"BALLSTEIN!, i forgot to lock the door"
" Ballstein, i got an idea"
by Polish Rabbi June 11, 2006
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