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When two guys and a girl are going to have a threesome but the girl does not show up so they go on without her
Guy #1: Hey where is Becca?
Guy #2: I don't know... maybe she's not coming.
Guy #1: That sucks but we could always have a ballsome.
Guy #2: Alright!
#balls. orgy #threesome #gay #rejection #males
by hush puppies September 05, 2009
Awesome, with a penis related meaning as well; therefore, interpreting that it is the best thing ever. Never use it in a context suggesting "good" things, because it is only meant for overly extravagant, amazing things that can only be described as..ballsome.
Jodi: "So Amanda, how was your day?"
Amanda- "Well Jodi, for breakfast I had an ice cream sundae, while accompanied with a huge stack of cash, not to mention a new Bently sitting in my driveway, of my mansion, so when I got inside of my car, Lil' Wayne was in the passenger seat, with more money for me, saying he would be my baby daddy. I was overwhelmed, so we flew to New York City and went shopping. By the way, my birthday isn't til Tuesday..."
Jodi- "No way! You had an ice cream sundae for breakfast?!?! Your life is BALLSOME!!!"
#balls #awesome #extravagant #lil' wayne #ice cream #word
by Aim&Jo February 06, 2010
to ask someone for something in a stupid way
bob: what are you eating
angie: pringles
bob:ball some
angie: you're stupid
#give me #allow #pass #bal some #take
by kk cul story May 29, 2012
The combined physical and mental sensation you feel after busting a huge nut - the same feeling you get when you crack your knuckles or take a massive dump.
"As Mike pushed out and pinched off the last of his footlong log in the 2nd story men's restroom, a truly ballsome feeling washed over him, and he basked in the ecstasy of the post-dump ballsomeness."

"I just flossed for the first time in 3 weeks - it felt ballsome."

Her: "Did you just cum?!"
Him: "Ballsome!"
by Mikew0440 January 27, 2016
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