When you get caught scratching your balls, either in public, or at home, you must yell BALLS-ITCH! Or if you are out with your buddies and they catch you scratching.. You say balls-itch in a muffled voice.
James yelled BALLS-ITCH in front of the whole school yesterday because someone caught him scratching his balls.
by ratemycameltoe June 02, 2007
Top Definition
When a guy pretends that their d*ck is in a girls' mouth and quickly scratches the underside of her chin. Most commonly used as a joke.
Thomas: **Rubs underside of Rachel's chin**BALLS ITCH!

Rachel: "What? You ass hole."
by ZeroCool<3 April 13, 2010
When one's testicles itch so much they have to stop all other activities.
I got a ballsitch so bad at work, I didn't notice the bandsaw cutting into my arm.
by Mick65 August 24, 2006
when you dont want people to know your balls itch and you need to scratch them!
honey, my ballsitch is driving me nuts!
by m cat j March 26, 2009
When a person touches another person's underside of the chin and shouts out BALLSITCH!, usually used as a joke
A bunch of guys came to me and ballsitched me so much, now the underside of my chin is all red.
by pacmanlikespie April 10, 2013
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