Someone who loves balloons a LOT
"Yeah, I collect balloons. Why? I am a balloonatic!"

"Einsman is a balloonatic!"
by captainshyte March 31, 2013
Top Definition
Someone who has a baloon fetish, the act of sexual relations involving a balloon, these including hugging and stroking the balloon as well as the act of the popping the balloon
Balloonatics enjoy videos of women who sit on balloons to pop them
by Billistic March 19, 2005
A term used to describe a near obsessive fan of the band Muse. Term comes from the first song Muse recorded, Twin, which was originally titled Balloonatic.
My friend is a total Balloonatic.
by ThetaXX1 March 19, 2013
Someone who does something crazy with balloons.
Balloon boy was a balloonatic just like that old guy from up.
by Kevin and Rob April 05, 2010
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