Coming from a song "We Fly High" and in the background they say "ballin" Now whenever someone or somebody does something good, they now say "BALLIN" putting their hand up in the air like they are shooting a basketball. Now this word doesnt have to just be said after something good is done, I have heard people just say ballin because they like to piss people off or they just like saying it. Now, I am totally fine with people saying it, but I feel like I want to rip their faces off when they keep saying it because it "sounds cool". So please, keep the term "ballin" said under very appropriate conditions.
A kid runs down and hits a buzzer shot at the end of the half.

Kid 1: Ballin...

A person gets out of their car and starts walking into a store and for some reason starts saying "ballin"


Two minutes later that man had his face ripped off by the author of this story.
by brachs01 December 21, 2006
a) selling 8 balls or buying 8 balls to flip an extreme profit by selling by the gram

b) going really fast either in a vehicle, on foot, or anything with wheels. (short for hauling balls or hauling ass)

c) playing basketball

d) crying eyes out

e) now mistakenly misused by nearly everyone especially the kids on urbandictionary for a synonym of "living the good life", "living in wealth or riches", AND the worst of all "the act of being fly" which derived from the life of selling 8 ball's of cocaine on the street in order to make lots of money. ballers may sometimes live the good life with their riches and actin fly BUT for the most part many ballers only appear that way because they spend their money on new shoes and chains and may even eventually end up in jail. so all the new age wannabes who don't even know where the word came from use it for anything they can think of to describe something that is dope, cool, and/or awesome to them.
a) rick ross thinks he's ballin but he really isn't

b) i was ballin through that intersection

c) we were just outside ballin, shootin hoops

d) shaniqua was straight ballin when she found out her man was cheatin and playin her

e) i got some nice new air force 1 kicks bro, now i'm ballin
by Matt Huff September 25, 2010
In the act of being fly
"IMMA FIRIN' MAH LAZOR" Shoop da Woop said.

"That's ballin" said Anthony.
by Mike Czelen October 05, 2008
jim jone's new song we fly high
we fly high, no lie, you know this ballin!!
foreign rides , outside its like showbiz
by queenstar November 08, 2006
When one does something of great magnitude; beats someone's ass in a game; or pulls off something of an amazing accomplishment.

(Pronounced Baaaaalllliin!)
Friend: "Yo man you took out there whole team and won the game"

Player: "Ballin'!"
by The one and only Hoffnigger April 16, 2009
the act of being FLY!
those kicks(shoes)are ballin.
by paannnggg February 28, 2008
1)livin large.
2)money in the bank.
3)term used for meaning tight mother f'er.
We fly high, No Lie ,You know this (BALLIN!)
by Spider. December 20, 2006

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