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A baseball fan that catches or chases down baseballs at professional baseball games. (note: Ballhawks DO NOT use devices or BEG for baseballs - See ballsnagger)
The Ballhawks outside of Wrigley Field caught all 4 home runs hit onto Waveland Avenue yesterday.
by Wrigley Billl June 22, 2009
One who chases down baseballs at professional baseball games.
The Ballhawk caught Sammy Sosa's 61st home run ball.
by john witt August 06, 2007
Someone who has shaved their ball sack hair into the shape of a mohawk
yo that dude has a wicked styled, multi-colored ball hair. That's the illest ballhawk i've seen!
by bonez420 November 16, 2007
The common ball-hawk, normally located nestling in obscure trees above the grassy knoll. only eats tyranicals and japapples
dude, i just blew that ball-hawk outta the sky
by Doof, Chong December 15, 2004