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One who chases down baseballs at professional baseball games.
The Ballhawk caught Sammy Sosa's 61st home run ball.
by john witt August 06, 2007
A baseball fan that catches or chases down baseballs at professional baseball games. (note: Ballhawks DO NOT use devices or BEG for baseballs - See ballsnagger)
The Ballhawks outside of Wrigley Field caught all 4 home runs hit onto Waveland Avenue yesterday.
by Wrigley Billl June 22, 2009
Someone who has shaved their ball sack hair into the shape of a mohawk
yo that dude has a wicked styled, multi-colored ball hair. That's the illest ballhawk i've seen!
by bonez420 November 16, 2007
The common ball-hawk, normally located nestling in obscure trees above the grassy knoll. only eats tyranicals and japapples
dude, i just blew that ball-hawk outta the sky
by Doof, Chong December 15, 2004