When you are having sex in the doggy position, the scrotum swings forward and hits the girl on the clitorus hence giving her a ballgasm.
I was doing my girlfriend in doggy and she had a ballgasm.
by exazonk April 22, 2009
Top Definition
A female orgasm achieved by the repeated clitoral slapping of the male testicles
Baby the other night when you were fucking me really hard and fast in the ass your balls slapping my clit give me a ballgasm.
by giofuckingsico April 25, 2009
What your crazy dog has when he/she is so focused on playing ball, (catch, fetch, keep away) that they completely ignore everything else: cats, food, sticks, etc.)
My dog Luna found a ball at the dog park today, and she's having a ballgasm - she won't let go of it, and even sleeps with it!
by Mr Retro January 16, 2009

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