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being baller and fantastic. its like, you're baller but MORE.
a very popular word amoungst the outrageously cool people.
wow i am serisously so unbelieveably ballertastic
by December 15, 2007
Just as the name implies, Ballertastic is a combination of baller + fantastic
Ballertastic is ballertastic.

That's all you need to know.
baller fantastic
"That car is ballertastic!"
"That babe is ballertastic!"
"That game was ballertastic!"
"My test score was ballertastic!"
"This video is ballertastic!"
by thatinsomniacguy13 July 17, 2013
The act of shampooing ones pubes.
I got my ballertastic on earlier today in the shower... TWICE!!
by Annieyo October 18, 2007
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