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Spunk; gentleman's jelly; man paste.
There are no CDs! Oh ball-cack!
by Ian Chode October 09, 2003
To take penis in your ear. Cum inside of the ear. To fuck the shit out of the man or womans ear. It is painful but fun. Also you can call someone a ballcack, as someone who takes it in the ear.
I ballcacked the SHIT out of here last night!

Dude, your such a ballcack
by Billy Bowe May 12, 2010
A small cluster of DUNG located on or below the scrotom sack. aka balls . Often located underneath the balls attached to hair on the balls.
In the same family as a dingleberry, except Ball Cack is located under the balls.
by Renee' And Amy Balls! November 04, 2007