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Ball shock describes the feeling you get when you are wading into cold water and the water reaches your scrotum, giving you that sudden awareness of how motherfucking cold the water really is as your sack shrivels up.
Fuck, that is some serious ball shock. (while wading into the ocean)
by teedawg June 18, 2011
The minor pain and discomfort in the male groin area when jumping down from a high place and landing too rigid, causing the scrotum to endure the stresses of high G's and "spring" back. Usually the sensation is similar to being sack tapped.
As I snapped the board to ollie down the 9-stair, I pussed out and bailed. After landing a bit stiff, the hard impact made cause for a healthy dose of Ball Shock.
by psykoesis October 13, 2011
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