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Player who takes all the shots himself. One man team. Shoot first - pass second
A lot of people think Kobe Bryant is a ball hog. Look at his team. What can he do? He unfortunately is sometimes a ball hog, but it's for the greater good.
#kobe #bryant #ball #hog #pass
by Kobe 24 October 09, 2006
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Usually in basketball. A player who keeps the ball for themselves, never passes to a team mate, always takes the shot themselves or always calls plays for self to shoot. Never rebounds, never picks, never draws the defense away from a play.
Kobe Bryant is a ball hog.
by Strider302 August 09, 2005
someone who doesn't pass the ball

someone who chooses showing off some difficult crap rather than doing the right thing by giving the ball up

someone who hurts the team (no no not Kobe Bryant's case where he's benefitting the team)
Steve Francis is a ballhog
Stephon Marbury is a ballhog

Allen Iverson can be a ballhog, but he helps his team a lot by ballhogging

Kobe Bryant can be a ballhog as well, but he also helps his team a lot by ballhogging
#ballers #baller #basketball #kobe bryant #allen iverson
by haters; August 24, 2006
Your coach decides to make the teams strategy pass the ball to one person. ie the ball hog
Pass the ball to Flynn Mattson! If you pass it to anyone else YOU ARE WRONG. Prime example of a ball hog
#ball hog #flynn mattson #shit head #fuck stick #everett
by E-Homer April 03, 2008
A player in basketball who refuses to pass to his teammates and is the exact opposite of a team player. A.K.A Trevor Tyrell or Kyrie Irving
Trevor took a deep 3 to win the game when someone was wide open in the paint. This cause his teammates to beat him and throw him in a ditch. He is known as the ultimate Ball hog
#ballhog #annoying #not fun #basketball #team
by Crazyguy42 March 14, 2014
In basketball, one who never passes the ball to other players and just tries to shoot for himself.
Bob: Mike is such a ballhog; whenever he gets the ball, he just shoots it without even trying to pass it to one of us!
Joe: I know right...
#basketball #no passing #shooting #ball #selfish
by yu hm September 05, 2012
The girl in a threesome that takes over the balls during a bj and wont let the other have a turn
Kristin: ahhh that was awesome, but you were such a ball hog

Tara: sorry they were just so big
#balls #ball hog #threesome #bj #fun
by wheredoesthetimego August 31, 2011
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