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When a person refuses to share something for no apparent reason. Hoarding a resource just because. Often occurs in affluent neighborhoods or towns like Frisco,Tx or Martha's Vineyard

Coined by kev.samp
Kev.s- hey mom can I drive the bentely to school tomorrow?
Kev.s-why not?
Mom-......your not driving it
Kev.s-why not it just sits there and no one ever drives it
Mom-....your not driving it (end conversation here)
Kev.s-(whisper) ball hog

HQ-bro let me hold a dollar
KS-naw bro
HQ-bro I just saw you sell 5 snapbacks I know got a dollar
KS-bro why are you always harassin me for ALL my money
HQ-bro you a ball hog
KS-yeah I guess am a BALLER!!!
by Swavey-Swagg September 20, 2011

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