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Ball Fuzz: the frustrating regrowth of hair on a man's balls, that make your sneeze, due to his lack of proper maintenance.
Ball Fuzz: The fine hairs on a pre-pubescent male genitals
Sally," Jon's ball fuzz was so long it not only made me sneeze, but poked me in the freaking eye!"
Sally" After going down on Frank, I hacked up several pieces of Ball Fuzz"
Sally " My little brother has a lot of Ball Fuzz"

Jen," Sally how did you get all those scratches on your face?"
Sally, " WARNING< do not attempt Tea Bagging a man with Ball FUZZ!!!"

At Christmas Sally gave all the men in her office razors in their stockings, to eliminate their Ball Fuzz ( Sally is the office Whore)
by The Only Baby Girl October 09, 2013