A can of beans which are soaked in tomatoe sauce for your eating pleasure
person1: are you a baked beans or spagetti person?
person2: Oh man definatly spagetti
Person1: Ewh get on the spagetti lovers side
by jonah takalau April 09, 2008
Top Definition
stoned mexicans
cypress hill is a good example of baked beans
by Hawaiian Dicking January 13, 2010
Delicious English delicacy often bringing about flactulance issues.

From "baked" meaning baked and "beans" meaning beans.
Baked beans give me the most frightful wind
by monkeybob November 19, 2004
A bean that is coated in tomato sauce. Only found once a month, and best avoided. An acquired taste.
It was only baked bean on the menu, but he tucked in anyway.
by Paul Hopwood October 14, 2006
the natures way of saying "for god's sake open a window"
man i ate some baked beans and a shit load of steak. my ass rippings were loud and pungent!
by vermilion123 February 11, 2007
Brown clit burnt by the sun
I think we may have shocked the locals on holiday when we took our pants off on the beach laying on our backs legs in a V shape in the air so we could have a baked bean what's so bad in that
by Dogging dude feeds pony May 03, 2015
The term "baked beans" refers to a rather obscure erotic practice of defecating on the bare belly of one's lover.
"What are you in the mood for tonight, Honey?"

"Baked beans! Yes, definitely -- baked beans!"
by Poopie Girl January 21, 2009
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