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When one person shits on another person's back and sprinkle it with pubes.
Josh, is that baked goods on your back?
by h00chymama November 11, 2007
11 35
Any food that will cause you to become baked
'Hey man, wanna come to my house and have some baked goods.'
'What, like cookies or something'
'No, *BAKED* goods.'
'Oh shit yeah I'm down.
by whitemarley March 23, 2010
34 19
a sexy stoner chick
bro: aw man whose that hazy hottie with the tidi?

dude:oh dude that chick, shes always high, shes baked goods... but i dunno her name.
by dooooooooooooooood August 09, 2011
2 2
A slang term for a vagina.
"I hate cats but I love baked goods!"
by DrSpellChecker July 04, 2009
8 15