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Any food that will cause you to become baked
'Hey man, wanna come to my house and have some baked goods.'
'What, like cookies or something'
'No, *BAKED* goods.'
'Oh shit yeah I'm down.
by whitemarley March 23, 2010
34 19
a sexy stoner chick
bro: aw man whose that hazy hottie with the tidi?

dude:oh dude that chick, shes always high, shes baked goods... but i dunno her name.
by dooooooooooooooood August 09, 2011
2 2
A slang term for a vagina.
"I hate cats but I love baked goods!"
by DrSpellChecker July 04, 2009
8 15
When one person shits on another person's back and sprinkle it with pubes.
Josh, is that baked goods on your back?
by h00chymama November 11, 2007
11 35