1. A mound of flavorful iced cream nestled on sponge cake, surrounded by meringue, and baked at 500 degrees farenheit.
Jew hearts making baked alaska.
by baked alaska March 22, 2005
Top Definition
A sexual act that involves defecating on the partner's chest, ejaculating on top of it, and flatulating over an open source of flame to enlight the mound of excrement ablaze.
That big meal of fettucini just made me want to take her home and make a nice warm baked alaska all over her.
by Randy Flanagan August 29, 2005
A form of masturbation where one has two bowls of water, one hot and one ice cold. After having a hand in each for an appropriate amount of time before masturbating; the hand is changed after each stroke altering from hot to cold, thus a Baked Alaska.
Sally gave me a baked alaska last night, my dick is so confused.
by Proopraw March 13, 2014
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