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-used in basketball or other team ball sports
-from the word buwaya or crocodile symbolizing greed
-a person who doesn't pass the ball
-a person who disregards his teamates or the win just to show off or score
-a person who wastes time boasting in the court and values pride and respect more than actuall winnings
-a person who can't allow,won't allow and will not tolerate being substituited
(a person who is bakaw isn't necessarily good just arrogant or selfish)
-"bakaw" ka naman kaya natalo tayo
-hoy wag kang "bakaw" bano ka naman
-sige "magbakaw" ka ikaw na lang maglaro magisa

-the reason we lost is that your "bakaw"
-hey don't be "bakaw" your not even good
-ok be "bakaw" let see you play alone
by aaron blanco October 05, 2007
the act of having an orgasm
-Remember when I bakawed last night?

-"...and then she bakawed"

- Did you bakaw?
by constance smith July 16, 2010

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