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The swedish word for "poop sausage".
"Jag åt precis en bajskorv" means "I just ate a poop sausage".
by Brittas fitta January 01, 2009
The swedish name for a little (sometimes huge) piece of poo. "Bajs" means poo and "korv" means sausage, referring to the most common shape of poo.
"Here, come have a looksie...

- Now what?

Just follow me, I have to show you something.

- Okay, what is it?

You'll see, just come.

- All right!

Well, here it is!

- Oh, my god! You freak! Did you bring me all the way over here, just to show me your poo? ... !

Well, yes, off course. But it's called "bajskorv" according to UrbanDictionary.com. Don't you like it?

- Oh! Well... actually... it's pretty impressive. I mean look at the size of that thing, it must've ripped your guts out.

by Huskun kær January 10, 2006