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The swedish name for a little (sometimes huge) piece of poo. "Bajs" means poo and "korv" means sausage, referring to the most common shape of poo.
"Here, come have a looksie...

- Now what?

Just follow me, I have to show you something.

- Okay, what is it?

You'll see, just come.

- All right!

Well, here it is!

- Oh, my god! You freak! Did you bring me all the way over here, just to show me your poo? ... !

Well, yes, off course. But it's called "bajskorv" according to Don't you like it?

- Oh! Well... actually... it's pretty impressive. I mean look at the size of that thing, it must've ripped your guts out.

by Huskun kær January 10, 2006
The swedish word for "poop sausage".
"Jag åt precis en bajskorv" means "I just ate a poop sausage".
by Brittas fitta January 01, 2009
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