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An infinitesimally large number that is too large for the mind to grasp.
There are like a bajillion stars in the universe.
by Grey_Ice May 25, 2004
a dangerously huge amount
Bajillions of kisses heading your way now!
{Go see a doc if the bruises just won't go, my cuppy cuppy cake sweetpie...}
by ermrkiti3131 June 30, 2005
A large number of varying size, using the population of Beijing as standard (currently 20 million and very, very crowded).
Holy S***, There are like a bajillion people in this city." "Well, yeah, by definition
by curiousbanjo July 19, 2011
more then a million more then a billion more then a trillion
thats a brilliant idea. you know how many views the video wouldve had??? Bajillions! hahaha
by Trentiee June 07, 2011
a jillion units of "ba"
theres a bajillion dicks in her mouth
by douschbag and stix May 29, 2005
a word to emphasize the intensity of what is being said.
i called you a bajillion times!
i love you a bajillion.
by eektron. August 28, 2006
The only number that is greater than infinity it's symbol looks like this:

One day I will be a bajillionaire - I will have a bajillion quid
by Forces April 19, 2006