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The bajangapon is the world's first industrial-size, extra-large feminine product created for women with heavy to extremely heavy monthly flows. The bajangapon comes in a handy carrying case and doubles as a camping pillow, a doorstop, a self-defense weapon, or sustenance for a family of four. Invented in 2011 by Dr. A. Ntoigne of Newton, Massachusetts, the bajangapon comes in five festive colors: ochre, summer sunrise, puce, sumac and basic black. If you ever lose your bajangapon's carrying case, a yoga mat bag will approximate the size and shape of your bajangapon for easy transport. The bajangapon costs just $7.99 and comes with a free breakfast buffet and easy installation DVD. The bajangapon. You'll look for it every time.
Does anyone have an extra bajangapon in their purse?
by Ms. Bajangapon January 28, 2011