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random verbal abuse
'nice shoes wanna f#@%?'
by retard September 08, 2003
4 15
A person who sucks dick for the enjoyment of the taste of cum.
Person: Fuck that kid is such a baggot

Baggot: Yum, I love dick.
by Cheamuthfuckabitch December 02, 2008
95 41
A word used largely by duechebags or tools that believe they are hilarious when they use it. All users of this word don't understand that they just look like idiots when they use "baggot" only to turn to each other and laugh obnoxiously, oblivious that no one around them finds what they said to be funny.
Person #1: Excuse me, could you move away from my car
Deuchebag: (slowly moves, in a lazy fashion, mutters to friend): What a baggot!

(Obnoxious laughter)
by Stan Kingston October 08, 2009
29 22
a word derived from "faggot" and "baguette". used as an insult to replace faggot for comedic effect, or when your girlfriend doesnt like you making fun of queers.
usually said in a loud, slightly higher than normally pitched voice starting quickly and ending just as abruptly.
"you're a fuckin baggot, kid!"
by Grave February 07, 2005
21 29
baggot {verb} verbal abuse. Baggoting , Baggots
yelling out the window randomly at random persons,e.g.baa'ing like a sheep.. to confuse people.
by feela meechie September 08, 2003
5 17
the state of being baked or stoned of the substance marajuana while being maggot or drunk of alchol. this state causes extreme loss of any bodily function and sex appeal making you liable to sleep where you please and general removing all clothing
Man, Chaz was so baggot after all those cones he pulled and the bevens he necked wat a mad cunt...
by george the maggot king September 04, 2008
2 15
A person who is ridiculously drunk.
That Walker Texas Ranger guy was so Baggot he hit on 3 chicks and then spewed all over his hands.
by Dubes July 29, 2008
0 13