a girl who has an ugly face, but has a nice body. it refers to if you were going out with her, you would put a bag over her head so people could just see her nice body but not her not-so-nice face.
Guy: dude, chelsea is such a bagface.
Other Guy: totally.
Girl: what does that mean?
by ballerking April 05, 2007
Top Definition
Someone who has been tea bagged.
he/she is a Bag Face.
by Cullen Darbonne December 04, 2006
someone who has a bag as a face.
kathryn geren has bagface eye disease.
by Danielface July 01, 2006
a non sensical word often referring to a a student.

another term referring to the grecko roman based word bag ,meaning droopy or sagging
and the japanese based word, face, meaning eyes.

i think you have a fricken bag-face, even when your mom blew you out her hole.
by lovemeforeverxxx44 April 03, 2009
When one's teacher becomes so infuriating one must clench a giant cartoon fist and plough it in their face.
Gemma: Damn she's annoying.

Drew: I know. Whatta Bagface.

Bagface: DO YOUR MILLION PAGE ESSAY (Followed by in comprehensive ranting.)
by theangrypupil February 05, 2010
To Skeet on a Female`s face and cover it with a bag.
While a female is giving a man oral sex right as he ejaculates on her face he quickley Bagfaces her...
by Gregory M October 14, 2007
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