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a person who always causes problems, is a whiner and is never satisfied
"Bob called he wants copies of all those reports you wrote for him last year"
"What a bag biter"!!
by Crazy Doc J.2 January 19, 2009
Failing hardware or software.
This bagbiting system won't let me get out of spacewar.
by VAKI5 May 09, 2005
A term used to describe a person who causes displeasure in some way. Originally intended for when being cut off in traffic, it's use was meant to replace cussing.
Get back in your own lane, bagbiter!
by Fiendycake September 07, 2010
a bag biter is one who bites scrotum and likes it. Usually a derogatory term for someone.
That bag biter drank all my beer.
by snivorama May 28, 2004

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