An incredibly degrading term much like the term hoe bag, but can also be used in sentences that are not related to anything degrading.

Instead of the expression hoe bag, you simply switch the words, come in from the backside, and say "bag of hoe".
That girl is one bag of hoe.

Man, I cant believe my boss, he is a bag of hoe.

Dude, your life is a bag of hoe!

Any of you guys wanna go bag a hoe?

Dude, I bagged that hoe in high school!
by Sam1234567 November 29, 2007
Top Definition
Similar to hoe bag but much more intense
Guy 1: woah that chick is a hoe bag...
Guy 2: no... shes much more than that. shes a whole bag of hoe
by mick14731 September 04, 2006
When a robber puts a bunch of hoes in a bag then rapes them when he gets home
I got a bag of hoe last night.
by sexyninja69 February 02, 2009
An insult used to describe an ex-girlfriend in a relationship that ended badly
Dude hows Bri?
Oh! I canned that
"bag of hoe "
by Eugenedust October 17, 2008
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