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1. female who owns too many hand bags/purses/totes etc.
2. like a shoe whore but obsessed with hand bags
On the VH1's Fabulous Life of Lindsay Lohan, it was confirmed that Lindsay is an official bag hag.
by Bag Hag July 30, 2005
A girl who is attracted to douche bag guys.
I really liked her, but she left me for the guy who shaves his chest and has a full arm tribal tattoo, she was a bag hag.
#douche #douchebag #scrote #dbag #bag
by jdNH June 12, 2010
noun. Gay man who accompanies rich women on shopping trips order to be associated with fabulous shopping bags.
I totally have to get a bag hag - I'm tired of carrying my own Gucci shopping bags.
by Garfield Park Trixie May 23, 2005
A female species whom is arguably attractive in appearance, and questionably clever/witty to converse with, on a semi-regular basis. This same female species also comes as a cost, of which is equal to the cost of a very small pinch of your "let's get lifted" supply. Thus, she will do whatever entertains you, for the small reward of a momentary escape inside a rabbit hole of a dark sack of cloudy existence.
"Yo, why you wasting yo time wit dat wack a** bag hag? MAN, she be doing it big if she could pull dat sh*t wit every dude she done met!"
#bag #hag #whore #slut #meth #speed #tina #drugs #high #illegal #intoxicated #drunk #loose #experience #free #exchange #trade #negotiate #barter #agreeable
by BOSS*bitch August 26, 2014
A bag whore, who once, was at least good-looking, but whose looks, are now, suffering.
That bag hag, after spending the last 8 years of her life around drug dealers, wonders why men always seem to be such scum.
by Pafnuty Chebyshev February 28, 2005
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