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1. Someone who owns too many shoes.
2. Like a bag hag but obsessed with shoes.
Carrie from Sex and the City is a shoe whore.
by Bag Hag July 30, 2005
A person with a ton of shoes.
Hey, where did you guys come from?
Footlocker, Kate is such a shoe whore.
by downtownjelly October 10, 2006
One who owns an excessive number of shoes or has trouble getting rid of old shoes.
I counted 12 pairs of shoes in Juan's room. What a shoe whore.
by Vanilla Chunky October 09, 2009
A hot bitch who buys too many shoes.
OMG, Ms. Johnston just spent $5000 on a pair of shoes.
Dude, she's such a shoe whore!
by teanasty October 31, 2009
a woman that will get with every shoe in her closet and or store that she can get her hands on
"i'm such a shoe whore! i bought three pairs of shoes in an hour"

"i'm such a shoe whore i can't even see my closet anymore without stepping on a stiletto!
by areola twins July 10, 2008
A woman (or man..) who resorts to buying shoes for sexual pleasure, becoming gradually addicted until the floor of the wardrobe cannot be seen under the waves of shoes...

May also resort to buying shoes to wear on hands and ears.
"Just these please" (lifts up 6 pairs of shoes)

"I'm sorry madam, I am going to have to refer you to a Psychotherapist, you're clearly a Shoe Whore"

Outside Store


(embarrassed shoe buyer bursts into tears and rubs shoes for comfort)
by randomflapjack March 19, 2008
A type of whore who donates her shoe(s) to engage in sexual activity other than herself.
omg! i looked up that alley and theres a guy fucking a shoe, obv the work of the shoe whore.
by Fowley + Jenn January 22, 2007
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