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Pronunciation: 'bayef' or 'baayyffee'; a lazy, fat, and 'retarded' way of pronouncing or 'letting "beef" leak out of your mouth'.

1. One who is of unusually large;
a) Size
b) Idiotic tendencies
c) Smelly decsent
d) Fat & retarded proportions
e) All of the above

2. A whimsical way of insulting your friends, usually with no intended verbal harm.--Usually.
Boy, sometimes I ask myself: could I be a baef?
by Aaron Fountiane May 07, 2007
Before. anyone. else. forever. Not just your typical bae( before anyone else), this is the kind of woman you will stick with forever.
Sparkle is my Baef.
by WalterTheSwagMasterTotalBadess November 12, 2014
bae forever
"Bae, it's been so long since I've seen you! But you are still my baef."
by elize June 15, 2014
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