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The text adaptation of the awesome way garthog says "so bad"; first coined by Apple.

The use of "baed" was popularized when some baed guildwars players including benson made a guild called "soooooooooo baed its epic" and got it to top 10.

It is now arguable the most popular word of all time.
1. soooooo baed

2. i invented baed
by tca April 23, 2008
The combined feeling of affirmation and guilt brought about when your partner compliments you just before you break up with them. The word is a portmanteau of the words 'bad' and 'bae'.
John felt baed that Jane had complimented his manhood just before he told her that he had cheated on her with Jenny.
by SwissKid June 21, 2015
Being so in love with your bed that it literally becomes bae.
I was fucking mad all day but rn my baed is one hundred so I'm ok.
by Juliahaha May 22, 2016
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